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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Health Tips | How to Keep Your Vegetable Fresh |Nutrition Healthy Tips on Summer


If the City's Summer is giving you burns, apply a thin layer of sliced Potatoes for a few minutes on the affected area.

It's Misconception that women who lifts weights will get bulky muscles. Head towards those dumbells now!


To keep Your Vegetables Fresh for longer store them in Brown Paper. bags

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prevent Breast Cancer | Daily Health Tips

Prevent Breast Cancer

News from the New Study says that Breast cancer is associated with the diet that women had when they were young.

The study was led by Professor Jaak Janssens, president of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation, in Hasselt, Belgium.

Breast cancer seems to originate almost entirely in childhood. The study has revealed that girls' diet and the amount of exercise they take can determine their risk of breast cancer in later life, reports the Daily Express.

From An analysis of 1,146 girls from birth to age 13 linked obesity and lack of exercise to an increased risk of breast cancer.

The breast is most vulnerable at the very onset of development. Further research should focus on nutrition in children and breast cancer risk to prevent the disease," the Daily Express quoted the study, as saying.

Janssens and his colleagues studied medical reports, which show a well-established link between early puberty and breast development and later breast cancer risk.

His studies the girls in his group to see what factors, including nutrition influenced early puberty development.

"Childhood obesity, lack of physical activity, high glycemic (processed) carbohydrate consumption," were among the "strongest determinants influencing the onset of puberty," the study said.n addition, it revealed a history of glandular fever might also have an influence on later risk.

And it cited 'exposure to oestrogens' found in plastic babies' bottles and plastic toys as another risk factor.

The study is published in the journal Paediatrics. (ANI)