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Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Health Tips | Black Tea Avoids Heart Disease Away

Black Tea

Black Tea Avoids Heart Disease

According to Latest Study Drinking just a cup of black tea regularly may help protect against cardiovascular disease.

The caffeine level of each dose was standardised but the dose of tea flavonoids was controlled at levels of 0, 100, 200, 400 and 800 mg of tea flavonoids per day.

A standard cup of black tea contains approximately 100-200 mg of flavonoids, depending on the individual preference of tea making.

Avoid Asthma | Lack of Vitamins A and C | Daily Health Tips

Asthma Risk

A Nottingham University-led team reviewed 40 studies carried out over the past 30 years and found that people with a low intake of vitamin C had a 12 percent increased risk of asthma.

If you lack Vitamin A and C could raise to Asthma says new Study.

Researchers analysed the relevant reports on both children and adults published since 1980. They found no link for vitamin E, but said the associations for A and C were significant.

Researchers also concluded that low levels of vitamin C found in fruit and vegetables increased the risk of asthma by 12 percent. They were unable to put an exact figure on vitamin A found in cheese, eggs and oily fish but noted that those with severe asthma consumed on average half of the recommended intake of the vitamin.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prevent Cancer | Healthy Diet Can Keep Cancer Away | Daily Healthy Tips

Daily Healthy Tips

Researcher from Washington says A high-fiber diet has long been considered beneficial in staving off colon cancer.

Medical College of Georgia have found that roughage keeps the disease at bay by activating a receptor with cancer killing potential.

Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy said "We know the receptor is silenced in cancer but it's not like the gene goes away,"

In short eat Healthy Foods such as Vegetable, Rich Proteins and Nutrition food which help you to be Healthy and Fit.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Health Tips | Nutrition and Fitness Health Tips


Lower Back Pain can be anything from a Lumbar Sprain to a Rupture of a Disc. Don’t Ignore Getting Medical help if it lasts for weeks.

Soy products that Contain fat are Rich in Polyunsaturated Fat Called Linoleic Acid, which also has been shown to lower Blood Cholesterol.

Walnuts have Health Benefits but can add Excessive Calories to Your Diet. The best way to have them is in place of Cookies, Toppings, etc.

Don’t use Greasy Lotions and Cosmetics as they contain oils that can promote acne.

Pudina is Valued as a Stimulant, Expectorant, Anti-Spasmodic Killer of intestinal Worms and a Mildly Analgesic herb

Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Health Tips | WOmen Avoid High Heel Shoes

High Heel Shoes

With High Heel Shoes putting women at higher risk of acute and Chronic Problems.

With the increasing fashion of high heels shortening of the Achilles tendon, heel pain, pain in the balls of the feet, bunions, calluses, soft corns between the toes, fractures, and sprains have also become quite common.

Podiatrist and spokesperson for Australian Podiatry Association (NSW), Brenden Brown said that wearing stiletto heels brings a raft of acute and chronic problems.

In the Daily Telegraph Brown Quoted as"Out of 10 people you would see six or seven needing something due to the fact they have worn a high heel at some stage,"

"We are seeing more traumatic injuries with things like fractures, sprains of ligaments in the ankles," Brown added.

According to Dr Simon Floreani, spokesperson, Chiropractors' Association of Australia, high heels are also responsible for lower back problems.

"When you are in high heels it throws your posture forward, like you are standing on your tippy toes, so in order to stand up straight you have to over extend the lower back.

Floreani further added that "If any woman has had more than a decade of wearing constant high heels, she will have arthritic changes, he stated

Addiction to heels also gives rise to neck problems.

"When you arch the lower back you usually stoop and roll the shoulders and crane the neck. It's like if the foundations of a house get shifted, the roof and the walls and everything else compensates," he said.

Dr Floreani further suggested whether it's platforms or stilettos, it is wiser to use silicon inserts to cushion the impact on the joints in the feet.